Blue Rock Fire Rescue

Blue Rock Fire Rescue is the volunteer Fire & Rescue service for the Blue Rock Fire District, which covers Manor Township and Millersville Borough Pennsylvania.

West Lancaster Station
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The BRFR West Lancaster Station 901 is located in West Lancaster. Station 901 responds with Engine 901 and Squad 901. They are nicknamed the "Northside Warriors"

HIghville Station
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The BRFR Highville Station 903 is located in Highville.
Engine 903, Tanker 903, Brush 903, Squads 903 & 904, and Boat 903 respond out of Station 903.
They are nicknamed the "Protectors of the Tea"

Millersville Station
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The BRFR Millersville Station 905 is located in Millersville Borough.
Station 905 responds with Engine 905, Engine 906, Rescue 905, Collapse 905 & 906, and squad 905.
They are nicknamed the "First Due at MU"

Washington Boro Station
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The BRFR Washington Boro Station 907 is located in Washington Boro.
Station 907 responds Engine 907, Tanker 907, Squad 907, Boat 907 and Boat 908.
They are nicknamed the "The Whoo Crew"